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Save time and effort by automating repetitive processes

Connect simPRO with your existing apps and find new ways to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Zapier connects your simPRO solution to 1,000+ popular apps to improve the way you work with databases, email newsletters, forms, surveys and much more.

simPRO and Zapier connectivity features

Improve accuracy by reducing manual handling

Maintain the accuracy of data as it moves between systems, and ensure the same process is followed every time.

The simPRO Zapier integration eliminates the double handling of data and automatically triggers events between systems.


How do I connect simPRO with Zapier?

First, set up an account with Zapier. Then click on this link to get access to an early Beta version of simPRO Zapier.

What training is available for the integration?

We recommend visiting the simPRO help guide before you start creating your simPRO Zaps.

To learn how to create a Zap, please use the Zapier learning materials. Zapier have published a comprehensive list of guides from Getting started through to Automation Inspirations. Click here to view the library.

What solutions can I connect to using the Zapier integration?

Thousands of other web apps are already integrated into Zapier, and the library keeps growing. Please visit the Zapier app library to see what’s on offer.

The trigger or action I want is not shown in the Zapier dashboard. Will simPRO be adding extra features?

We are always looking for ways to improve simPRO. If there is something you would like to be able to do using the Zapier integration, please add your suggestion to the simPRO Ideas Portal.

Do I need to change anything in simPRO to use the integration?

There is no configuration needed in your simPRO build to use the Zapier integration. All configuration of the integration and individual Zaps is done through the Zapier dashboard.

Can I see what zaps staff have created?

After the integration is established, simPRO administrators will be able to see a list of triggers that have been set up in Zapier and disable/enable them. However, you will not be able to see who set up the zap or what apps are connected to simPRO.

Is there any cost to use the integration?

There are no costs applicable from simPRO. Zapier offers a range of free and subscription plans. Please visit the Zapier Pricing page to find out more.