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Advanced business intelligence and dashboards for deeper insights

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What is BI Reporting?

BI Reporting is a business intelligence tool that delivers powerful insights into your simPRO data. Included with your simPRO licence, BI Reporting allows you to

  • Question, filter and group your simPRO data to uncover deeper connections in your business operations.
  • Visualise data with graphs and charts.
  • Design your own business intelligence dashboards to collaborate, organise and share your learnings with other members of your team.

For more information about enabling and using BI Reporting please visit the simPRO Help Guide.

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BI Reporting Premium

Gain greater control over your data with BI Reporting Premium.

  • Develop SQL queries and filters to interact with your simPRO database for advanced data manipulation and analysis.
  • Automatically share regular updates to stakeholders via email using the Pulses feature.

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