Winning work in the fire safety industry with complete transparency

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This is part three of a three-part series that follows Tom from Allfire and his fire safety business journey.

In the health and safety-conscious world of fire safety, auditability and transparency enable a competitive edge. In part three of Tom’s journey, he reveals how he has achieved audit scores of 100% every time.

Accurate, up-to-date reports

Instead of pestering staff to generate reports, Tom can log in to simPRO from anywhere to see accurate data in real time. It’s efficient and it’s accurate.

In the fire industry in the UK, an audit score of 80% or higher is required to pass an audit. Allfire have achieved 100% across the board.

“You have to have audit scores of 80% and above for most contracts. Proud to say, all of ours are 100% across the board.” Tom Simmonds

Accountability and auditability

Tom leverages the accountability and audibility simPRO provides; it offers enormous competitive advantage and even wins the business work.

Tom suggests that being able to offer such a completely transparent system to auditors is something simPRO doesn’t talk about very much, and we should. (Thanks Tom; we’ll take that on board).

All staff training records reside in simPRO as well as all company van records, PPE (Personal protective equipment) and more. All up to date, too, because simPRO reminds you when action is required, such as with licence renewals.

In the field with simPRO Connect

Every time the Allfire team arrives on site, no matter how big or small the job, they do an assessment to check they’re testing the right equipment at the right place.

“simPRO has allowed us to grow.”

Their client can see how thorough they are, the auditor can see how thorough they are, and the Allfire engineer can have the confidence that they’re doing the right job.

On site, the engineer can take pictures, signatures and payment right there on the spot.

We’d like to thank Tom and Allfire for sharing their story and look forward to catching up with them to hear about their next chapter.