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Scott Carr has been with the Laser Group since the very beginning. Originally the Laser Group had built their own software. Over time, developing, maintaining and supporting the software was taking away the focus from what they do best - supporting their members.

Nowadays, the Laser Group is a 240-strong network of plumbers and electricians across New Zealand and Australia, running on a reliable, robust system that’s growing with them.

In 1983 Scott began his career as the first apprentice electrician for Pete Bassett and Dave Clemmett’s business. Back then, the small electrical team was getting around in their Kombi vans as Laser Electrical.

Fast forward to 1999, Pete and Dave had grown Laser Electrical to over 50 staff. With everything they’d learned about building a successful business, the idea of franchising came to fruition. With Scott Carr moving to the position of General Manager at Laser Electrical, Pete and Dave set about building the franchise - the Laser Group.

Building their own software

At simPRO, we know all too well the amount of work required to build and maintain a feature-rich and reliable system.

Initially, Laser developed their own software to manage their network of trade businesses and for members to manage their individual operations. The software was server-based. Every business in the network required their own server and the Support department at Laser had to log into the member's server any time there was a problem.

It became unmanageable to support, maintain and develop the software while remaining focussed on their objective - supporting members. Laser began looking for a reliable, purpose-built solution.

When Laser met simPRO

After much research simPRO was the stand-out. It had all the features and functionality of their own system and much more. The penny dropped when Laser realised simPRO was built by an electrical contractor for an electrical contracting business, the search was over.

“simPRO stood out because it had all the functionality we’d built into our own software to run a contracting business.” Scott Carr, Laser Group New Zealand

LaserPro Enterprise was born

Laser Group required modifications to simPRO Enterprise in order to manage the growing network. simPRO developed a bespoke solution and LaserPro Enterprise was born.

simPRO’s feature set was above and beyond anything Laser had seen or hoped for. Real-time reporting for instance, has been particularly well received by both Laser and its members. Reports generated by simPRO provide the ability to understand what’s happening within the business as it happens. Business owners and managers are therefore able to make decisions based on real-time figures in order to stay profitable and productive.

“Our members are happier than they’ve ever been.”

The benefits of the Laser network

By becoming a member of the Laser network, members are able to take advantage of the buying power of the country’s largest network of trade businesses. Business planning sessions, business coaching and help with marketing are all part of the support Laser members receive.

“LaserPro Enterprise is highly regarded as a key part of their business.”


Scott has peace of mind knowing that the members are happy. He can get out on the weekend in his fishing boat knowing that the members are taken care of.

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