Life is very good for Lindsay & Peter Coulter

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Lindsay Coulter began his journey as an electrician. After years in the trade, Lindsay decided he was ready for his next challenge and, in 1983, launched his own security business in Timaru, New Zealand: Allied Alarms.

The company, which specialises in a wide range of security-related services, is now one of the longest running security firms in the country.

Now, directors Lindsay and his brother Peter lead a team of 16.

Systemising with simPRO

Mobility was high on the agenda when the team at Allied Alarms realised a job management system upgrade was imminent. Particularly, they realised the need for a streamlined channel of communication and flow from the office to the field and back.

With the right software in place to keep the entire workforce connected, Allied Alarms has enjoyed a new level of profitability. Technicians spend less time travelling from the field to the office, and more time with their valued customers.

Credit: Lindsay Coulter
Credit: Lindsay Coulter

It’s no secret that Lindsay is a fan of simPRO Enterprise, as you’ll see in the video below. The level of accuracy Allied has achieved in tracking their pricing and stock has given them confidence to quote and invoice.

“Many of our perceptions on pricing were our own perceptions, not our customer's perceptions.” Lindsay Coulter

Time for the good life

With the right systems in place and thanks to the cloud, Lindsay can spend more time at his favourite holiday destination, Wanaka. He has more time for mountain bike riding, socialising and, most importantly, his passion – photography.

Credit: Lindsay Coulter
Credit: Lindsay Coulter

Except the photo of Lindsay, all photographs that appear in this post were taken by Lindsay while out and about in New Zealand and Australia.

Credit: Lindsay Coulter
Credit: Lindsay Coulter

“Life is very good for Lindsay Coulter, I've had a great Journey.”

In the interview below, Lindsay shares what he's been able to achieve through implementing smart systems and an approach to business based on integrity.

We’d like to thank Allied Alarms for their time and hospitality during our visit to Timaru.

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