simPRO’s latest update rolls out from the 20th of August. Our newest feature is one of the most requested on the Ideas Portal. Don’t leave your cost centres up to interpretation! Rename cost centres so you can easily tell them apart in simPRO!

Head to our release notes for step-by-step videos, or read on for details.

Cleaner project management

Eliminate the need to read descriptions. With the ability to rename your cost centres, Projects become more transparent and easier to manage!

Now when you have multiple cost centres of the same type on a Project, you are easily able to differentiate between them. For example. Instead of having three 'Plumbing' cost centres, you might choose to rename them in the following way ‘Plumbing - Bathroom level 1, Plumbing - Bathroom Level 2, Plumbing General’.

Even better, on quote, job, invoice and request for claim forms if you have cost centre names enabled the renames will print!

Create more informative invoices

This update will allow you to rename cost centres within jobs, quotes, recurring jobs and recurring invoices, relevant to their content! Renaming your cost centres will allow you to segment your invoices automatically. This way, your customers can understand where their money is going (if you want them to!)

Schedule like a boss!

Can you relate to having five electrical cost centres within a Project and finding it difficult to identify which cost centre to schedule to your technician? Struggle no longer! Now, cost centres are easily identifiable in Schedule view because renaming them in Jobs will carry all the way through the workflow. Your technicians will be able to see what is on their schedule and understand what they will be working on at a glance.

This is one of our regular software updates, aimed at bringing in new features and improving existing features in response to client feedback, and making sure our software helps our clients stay ahead of the game as the trade and technology landscapes continue to evolve.

Remember, if you have an idea you’d like us to consider, head on over to our Ideas Portal to make your voice heard.