Cost centres are getting easier to use with improvements to editing totals and sub-totals in our next update to simPRO rolling out from July 22.

To see a step-by-step video on the new features, head over to the release notes. Otherwise, read on for more details.

Adjust and tweak with clarity

When you adjust the total or sub-total of a cost centre in a job or quote, you can still see the original value and the adjusted value if you make another change. And thanks to the new reset button, you can easily revert back to your original total.

This simple yet intuitive update will make it easier for you to play around with your cost centre totals with more visual clarity.

This is one of our regular software updates, aimed at bringing in new features and improving existing features in response to client feedback, and making sure our software helps our clients stay ahead of the game as the trade and technology landscapes continue to evolve.

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