What do you think is the most logical thing to do when you find yourself swamped with mundane tasks? You hire a Virtual Assistant! VAs are the “angels” of entrepreneurs, helping them free their time, allowing them to focus on key activities in their business.

Trust me, hiring remote workers like a VA would do you a lot of good in the coming years as you scale up your business.

Where do you start with your VA hiring process?

Step 1: Assess your pain points

VA services is gaining popularity inside the business process outsourcing solutions industry. Operational word: solutions. Virtual assistants are there to help you manage your day so that you get to grow your business with better services and/or products.

To know what your pain points are, you need to identify the tasks that are causing you too much stress despite being of little importance to the value your business is offering.

You can ask yourself this key question:

“What is stressing me out in my business?”

These tasks commonly include taking calls, answering emails, setting appointments, managing social media platforms and writing content, just to name a few.

While these tasks are necessary, they are not crucial to your core business. For example, while it is important to do accounting everyday, accounting per se does not contribute to the value you give to your customers. Investing a lot of time in that task every day can mean missing out opportunities to engage people with your services.

Step 2: Delegate tasks that others can do for you

What you need to realize is that a few minutes daily could accumulate to a whole lot of hours over time. For example, a 15-minute daily task actually equates to 60 hours annually!

So even though it might not seem like much to deal with at present, it is still best to delegate these to ensure that you’re making every minute of your day count.

Go through your “pain points” list and delegate the tasks that others can do for you. Doing this will make you more efficient as a business owner. You can thank me later.

Step 3: Get to know your business and industry

When you decide to outsource you shouldn’t do it blindly. To get the best virtual assistant to complement your business, you have to look carefully at your businesses processes. Where, how, and when are you ushering customers to your business?

When you are clear with these things then you can address the vital things you need to consider for your VA hiring - what time do you want them to go to work, the specialization and skills they need to have and how familiar they are to the tasks you are assigning to them.

Always remember that virtual assistants are here for a specific purpose – and that is to help you with your task in order for you to focus, rediscover, and improve your passion for your business. It’s not just about ease of work, but redeeming the joy in what you do.

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