Formalising staff roles, building apps and composting

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This is part two of a three-part series that follows Tom from Allfire and his fire safety business journey.

Growth is a focus for most businesses – but there are always inherent challenges to be overcome. What’s a strength when a company is smaller may become a weakness as staff numbers increase.

In the video interview below Tom shares how he keeps his business growing and ahead of the competition.

Formalising roles and responsibilities

In a startup, everyone is required to step outside their job description to keep the ship running. However, as the business grows and hires new staff for defined roles, that sharing of responsibility can create tension.

“It was a big thing for me to admit personally that I needed some help.” Tom

As Allfire grew, Tom realised he had to draw up an organisational chart and hold formal meetings to keep staff on the same page. It was at that point he realised he needed to swallow his pride and admit he needed help to formalise the management of his staff.

Leveraging existing relationships

“It isn’t always about getting more clients”, says Tom. Instead, Allfire has devoted more time to offer more value to their existing clients.

It takes time to build a trusting relationship. Once the trust is secured, it’s easier for the client to understand the value on offer.

Leveraging technology and innovation

Tom is an avid believer in an open minded, innovative approach to everything he does in business. That isn’t just reflected in their processes and the software. From composting office waste, electric vans, and a roof full of 96 solar panels, the office remains carbon neutral.

Using the simPRO API, Tom has even developed a fire assessment app to sell through trade bodies. We're beginning to see the API used more often and look forward to seeing how else it will be used in the industry.

The Series 1 Land Rover is getting some TLC
The Series 1 Land Rover is getting some TLC

Time to spend with the family and walk the dogs

“When I pick the kids up from school, it’s family time and simPRO has allowed that to happen.”

Week now re-organised for family time
Week now re-organised for family time

Personally, simPRO has enabled Tom to realise he can actually have a day off. The systems are in place for the business to run without his presence. Now he has time to pick the kids up from school and even give the old Land Rover restoration project some attention.