Field service mobility is fast becoming one of the greatest must-haves of any business in the trade and service industry. But why?

First, we must understand the concept of field mobility. While mobile devices have been around for quite a while, they haven’t always had such advanced functionality. (I’m talking before the ‘cloud’, when you staved off boredom in queues and waiting rooms with the Snake game on your old Nokia.)

And while they’ve often been used by office workers, they hadn’t quite made it to assisting with the day-to-day of a field service worker. Until now.

Today’s mobile technology gives a field service business the ability to share live data across an entire workforce – from office to field staff – keeping everyone in the business connected, informed and more productive. Often, this mobile technology is the field extension of office-based job management software, and can simply be downloaded as a mobile app on field employees’ smartphones or tablets.

The result is a workforce equipped with complete mobility – able to work connected, anywhere at any time.

With everyone in your business working from the same information and with the same resources, you can ensure your operations are smooth and your customers are highly satisfied, which in turn can increase your profitability.

Here are a few more reasons why field mobility is crucial to keeping your field service business in the game:

1. On-site connectivity

A field mobility solution gives employees access to live data in the field. Now, the resources traditionally kept in the office can be shared in real time with your field staff. Customer data, stock levels, manuals and more are kept in your field employee’s back pocket as well as in your office.

It works both ways, of course; field employees can update materials, job details and even photos for every job in real time – for your office staff to access at any time. This eliminates errors in the field and allows your employees to do their jobs on the go, without needing to drop by the office.

2. On-site invoicing and payment

The right job management software with a mobile extension will enable your field service staff to issue invoices and collect payment on site as soon as a job is complete. By offering customers the convenience to pay you by credit card immediately, you’ll not only provide exceptional customer service, but can also dramatically increase your cash flow.

3. Smarter scheduling

When you have your entire workforce connected and sharing live, up-to-the-minute data, you not only improve your customer service but also increase your field employees’ billable hours.

As there’s no longer a need to have your field staff drop by the office (or to call or text them) to give them their daily schedule, they can see their entire daily, weekly, or monthly schedule on their mobile devices. This makes for optimal productivity as they can complete their jobs on the go.

And, as your office staff have access to each field service staff’s schedule as well, they can easily schedule impromptu jobs on the fly based on which available employee is nearest to the job.

4. Customer management

Your field employees interact with your customers daily. They’re the face of your business, they represent your brand, and they’re most often the reason for a negative or positive customer experience.

If your field employees can get to a job site on time, every time, with the right resources and the right knowledge, including all of a customer’s history with your business, then you’re well on your way to providing superior customer service that earns repeat business.

With the right field mobility solution in your field service business, you can keep your entire workforce connected, sharing live, up-to-date data – resulting in greater productivity, improved customer service, and increased profitability.

In today’s technology-driven world, if you’re not exploring new options to boost your business’ efficiency and competitiveness, you may find yourself falling behind.

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