Building new foundations becomes key to award winning business growth

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It was in 2011 Scott Aldridge decided to go it alone as a Sole Trader electrician. Around the same time, Christchurch had begun rebuilding the city following that tragic earthquake that left so much devastation. Work for the trade services was plentiful. In the following months, there was no shortage of work when the growth of Red Electrical began.

In the early days, Scott used spreadsheets to price and Word documents to invoice, which he often didn't get time to do until well after dark. As staff numbers continued to grow, and work to rebuild the city gained momentum, new foundations for the business was required with to ensure a solid future.

After disappointing experiences with some of the cheaper solutions out there, Scott turned to simPRO. Determined to ‘go paperless’, Scott recognised that simPRO would be the tool to help him to achieve his goal.

“We can turn a service job from an initial phone call, into a schedule, then not hear about it until it turns up in Complete Jobs.” Scott Aldridge, Director. Red Electrical

Scott attests that before going paperless it was common for 50-60 small service jobs to sit on a desk waiting to be processed.

But now …

“We can have a small servicing job done in the morning and invoiced immediately.”

There is no end to the possibilities available to increase efficiency in the office. Scott has adopted a popular estimating add-on called Groundplan to quickly create take-offs to produce detailed floor plans for clients.

“Inside 15 minutes we can create a detailed floorplan for a client.” Scott

Award winning

In 2016 RED Electrical won the Champion Canterbury Business Award in the Construction & Trades category. The judges recognised RED’s strengths in the fields of marketing, understanding of brand, local involvement, culture and use of technology.

New Zealand is renowned for its stunning scenery so it’s no surprise that so many of our New Zealand clients enjoy skiing, running, mountain biking and all manner of those healthy outdoor pursuits. Scott is no exception. Especially with simPRO freeing up more time for him to do so.

Scott's parting words?

“We don’t see simPRO as a cost, we see it as a rebate!”

Scott shares his Journey below