Our next update, rolling out from September 16, 2018, introduces the automatic supplier invoice for Australian MMEM customers, has improved stock transfer reporting, and includes custom salutations!

We regularly review suggestions in the simPRO Ideas Portal and use them, and other comments, to identify areas for improvement in simPRO Service and Enterprise. If you’ve got a suggestion, make sure to head there to let us know!

So, what’s new this fortnight?

  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Automatic Supplier Invoice Import for MMEM customers
  • Custom Salutations
  • General Improvements

Stock Transfer Report

This one was heavily suggested in the Ideas Portal, and we’re so excited to be bringing it to you! Now, the Stock Transfers Report displays the employee who initiated the transfer; this ultimately is another great way of improving accountability and visibility in your business.

Automatic Supplier Invoice Import for MMEM customers

Australian simPRO users that are MMEM customers can now automatically import supplier invoices directly through simPRO! Saving time on admin and manual importing!

Custom Salutations

Now you can add a more suitable title for your customers and contacts in simPRO for formal correspondence purposes. This is a great way to not only make your business more personable but also give customers a positive and lasting impression.

General Improvements

With each release we roll out, there are also a number of general improvements that are made to Service and Enterprise. You can read find the full improvements list when you click on a release in the release notes on our helpguide.

Here’s a few of the general improvements we’ve made that will also be rolling out with this release:

  • Now in Connect, users can only access cost centres that are assigned to them at a user or job level.
  • You are kept logged in when updating various parts of the job details form, ensuring that you keep your place.
  • The value of a credit when importing supplier credit can now only be adjusted if you want it to.

For more information on the latest release, watch the video below or head over to our release notes!