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Latest simPRO Update: Go the extra mile with formatting

Elfie Tan   24 January, 2018

Our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out from January 21st, is one of the most requested features on the Ideas Portal. The rich text editor gives you more formatting choices for text in your emails, descriptions and notes!

Latest simPRO Update: Get flexible with receiving payments

Elfie Tan   5 January, 2018

Our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out from January 7th, gives you more flexibility in selecting accounts to which you can accept payments.

Latest simPRO Update: Connect collects the signatures while the UK enjoys auto-populated Gas Safe forms.

Elfie Tan   8 December, 2017

Our latest update gives users the option to populate Asset Record forms with signatures which are collected from Connect. You can also choose, if you wish, to display the engineer's licence number on all your future job cards and Asset Record forms.

Latest simPRO Update: AU gets automated invoice import and easier contractor accounting

Elfie Tan   10 November, 2017

The latest update to simPRO brings Australian clients automated invoice imports from L&H and a new default account for contractors.

We’ve been chosen! Xero’s Partner of the month

Elfie Tan   24 October, 2017

Every month Xero recognizes one of their 600+ app partners for their contribution and the great work they are doing to help businesses thrive.

In October, it was simPRO!

Our integration with Xero, seven years ago, was a big step in achieving the success that we experience today with third party integrations.

Latest simPRO Update: Pre-builds get an exciting new refurb

Elfie Tan   3 October, 2017

Pre-builds can now be extra informative with the latest simPRO rollout. Our latest update includes the ability to easily attach images, videos and brochures as supporting material to prebuilds in simPRO Service and Enterprise.

Latest simPRO Update: The new simPRO and Microsoft Outlook integration. It was meant to be.

Elfie Tan   31 August, 2017

Our latest update to simPRO includes a much-requested feature from our Ideas Portal: an integration between simPRO and the latest web and desktop versions of Microsoft Outlook!

Latest simPRO Update: What’s in a name? Demystifying cost centres.

Elfie Tan   18 August, 2017

simPRO’s latest update rolls out from the 20th of August. Our newest feature is one of the most requested on the Ideas Portal. Don’t leave your cost centres up to interpretation! Rename cost centres so you can easily tell them apart in simPRO!

How to build a tech ‘ecosystem’ for your business

Elfie Tan   15 August, 2017

A study by Harvard Business Review recently revealed that it expects to see increased demand for companies seeking ‘hybrid’ Chief Information Officers (CIOs) – technology experts who aren’t just business savvy, but also know how to build a holistic technology system that can drive and support business growth.

Latest simPRO Update: Build personalised emails while saving time

Elfie Tan   4 August, 2017

Our latest upgrade rolling out from the 7th of August brings you two of the top twenty most requested features in the Ideas Portal.

Gone are the days of writing and re-writing email text. Now you can create a series of scripts and then select the best one for the occasion. In addition, emails sent from the Forms tab to customers can now be stored in simPRO for easy reference.