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Latest simPRO Update: Have the total invoice amount automatically inserted in your email templates

Caitlin Maynard   24 November, 2017

In simPRO’s latest update, you can now have simPRO automatically pull the total invoice amount from the job and insert it into your email using insert fields in your email templates.

simPRO helps you grow: Laser Plumbing secure $20million in tender win for Grafton workers

Caitlin Maynard   18 October, 2017

Innovators and early adopters are leading the way in all industries. We are at an exciting point in the evolution of technology.

4 great ways our Outlook 365 & Microsoft Exchange integration could help you

Caitlin Maynard   25 September, 2017

After much anticipation, we are proud to announce the successful roll out of simPRO’s integration with email software giant, Microsoft Outlook.

Latest simPRO Update: Organise your catalogue and pre-builds YOUR way

Caitlin Maynard   15 September, 2017

In our latest update, you have control. Categorise and organise your catalogue items and pre-builds how you want with an additional two levels of subgroups.