The latest update to simPRO brings Australian clients automated invoice imports from L&H and a new default account for contractors.

As one of the most requested features seen in client feedback, we are excited to bring to our clients, the new ability to automate the import of Lawrence & Hanson invoices. We see this feature as the first step towards clients gaining job management autonomy when using major trade service providers worldwide.

The time saving capabilities of this feature removes hours of manual labour when it comes to receipting L&H purchase orders. . simPRO’s already hefty menu of integrations with major supplier catalogues in the US, Australia and New Zealand facilitates our ability to bring this feature to a larger portion of our clients. This is now a clear and exciting objective for the near future.

In addition to automated L&H supplier invoice imports, this update brings a new default account selection when invoicing contractor work orders for all Enterprise clients across the globe.

Are you having to manually select a contractor cost centre just for your contractor’s invoices? Well those days are gone, you now have a dedicated contractor account in your financial defaults that is automatically selected upon invoicing work orders when populated.

To see additional improvements included in this release, see the release notes.

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