Our latest update to simPRO rolling out from June 11 will help you finetune your maintenance job workflow thanks to new improvements to the customer portal in simPRO Enterprise, along with some additional tweaks to the Maintenance Planner add-on.

Head to our release notes for step-by-step videos, or read on for more info!

Search and add assets requiring maintenance in the customer portal

Thanks to suggestions and votes in our Ideas Portal, you can now streamline how your customers use the customer portal in simPRO Enterprise when it comes to maintenance quotes and jobs.

Give your customers the ability to search and add any assets requiring maintenance when they request a quote or book a job. Now that’s an asset to your workflow!

Maintenance Planner: new start date options and more

If you use Maintenance Planner in simPRO Enterprise, kickstart your service level accuracy with new start date options.

Choose to default your service level dates to be the same as the start date – which will default to the contract date if the asset has been linked to a contract – or in increments from the date onwards.

You can now also skip the confusion if you choose to skip service periods in Maintenance Planner and enjoy more detailed information on which dates have been skipped and when an asset is next due to be serviced!

(Please note: Skipping services can be contrary to acceptable industry standards in some cases and may affect compliance. You may wish to document skipped periods against the site or asset for your records.)

This is one of our regular software updates, aimed at bringing in new features and improving existing features in response to client feedback, and making sure our software helps our clients stay ahead of the game as the trade and technology landscapes continue to evolve.

Remember, if you have an idea you’d like us to consider, head on over to our Ideas Portal to make your voice heard.