The apprentice who bought the business

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Brien Electrical are based near Wellington in Paraparaumu. It’s a beautiful part of the world where Mark & Monique Brosnahan have been building their business for over 30 years.

Right from the outset, Mark was determined to be his own boss. In fact his sole aim, as an electrician, was to open his own electrical business and build it to be the best.

Mark hadn’t even completed his apprenticeship when he and Monique bought their electrical business - which was initially comprised of only 3 staff members. Today, Brien Electrical employs a total of 33 people - a fantastic example of this business’ evolution over the last 30 years.

The early days

The aim was to be able to build the business to a point where he could stand back and watch it operate under its own steam.

“You couldn’t even compare the way we operate now to how we used to…” Mark Brosnahan, Brien Electrical

Mark & Monique began business the old fashioned way, with plain ol’ hard work: Mark and a colleague or 2 on the front line, while Monique took care of the kids and the invoicing in the kitchen at night. It’s the kind of story we hear often.

The investment in software

Monique explains that they were losing a lot in materials and realised the only way it was going to be tracked properly was using technology. It was then that she knew it was time to invest.

“Materials were being used on jobs and not being charged.” Monique Brosnahan, Brien Electrical

Slashing downtime

That old chestnut of losing all those hours travelling to the office in the morning, multiplied by all those staff waiting for their job cards then travelling to the job, was no stranger to this business.

“Then when we realised the same system does everything, it was a no brainer.” Monique

Before simPRO, Mark would have 20 guys in the office waiting for their job cards. By the time those same 20 employees had received their job card, the last man to hit the road was leaving the office at 9am. That’s a lot of down time, every day, for every electrician, before the day has even begun.

Luckily, they’ve since discovered simPRO Connect.

Now, each morning, using the Connect app on their phone, the guys know where they’re going and what’s required when they get there.

“It’s so clear and easy.” Mark

No longer being at the helm 24/7

Mark has now achieved his initial goal of being able to stand back and watch the business operate, whenever he wants to.

There’s clearly no flick-of-the-switch-type solution when it comes to bettering a business, but with some hard work and the right software in place, it’s very achievable, The Journey is proof.

“You build a structured business that will operate without you behind the helm 24/7. If I want to take a 5 week holiday, I can." Mark

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