After much anticipation, we are proud to announce the successful roll out of simPRO’s integration with email software giant, Microsoft Outlook.

The release is now available to simPRO clients, worldwide, using Outlook 365 and Microsoft Exchange, which are both cloud-based.

What does this integration mean for simPRO users?

1) Keep your contact’s details current

This new integration will significantly reduce the amount of time spent on manually checking that customer card files in simPRO contain up-to-date information.

Let simPRO do the work for you. When you receive a new email from a customer, simPRO can check if the relating customer card file is already being used in simPRO without ever leaving your Outlook window.

2) Have all of your communication in the one place

Keep your email communications with customers in one place. Avoid miscommunication between office staff and technicians with customer emails now available in their card file.

3) Create customer card files with a single email

Quickly and easily add a new customer or lead to simPRO with one email. simPRO will scan your database to see if that email address has been saved previously. If not, you have the option to create a new card file for them in simPRO.

4) Get organised with notes

Your staff can easily stay updated thanks to handy notes attached to emails. Notes can be added to a lead, job or quote’s card and then accessed by staff even when they’re out on a site.

Unfortunately, due to cloud incompatibility, IMAP and POP3 versions of Outlook are not currently supported by simPRO’s latest update. Keeping our regular updates cloud-based ensures that we can continue to offer fortnightly updates with the same level of support to customers.

We can’t wait to continue bringing our simPRO users great updates and help make running a business that little bit simpler.

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