After 13 years in business, growth is no longer a challenge

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In this update we meet Lee Duffett, owner of Duffett Electrical Services. For the past 13 years Duffett has supplied electrical, fire and security services to commercial and residential properties along the south coast of Dorset, UK.

In the past, growing the business had been a challenge. The company’s infrastructure wasn’t able to handle any more than 10 engineers. Each time the staff numbers grew, the complexity of managing the business became counter productive. It goes to show what a vital role software plays in the trade service sector nowadays.

Skimping on software has the potential to make or break a business. Now with simPRO at the centre of operations, it’s full steam ahead for Duffett, with complete visibility over the entire operation – and growth is underway.

Switching to the right field management software

The software Duffett had previously relied on didn’t have the facilities required for the business to grow. Changing software once a business is in full swing is no easy task. It can be costly for the business and stressful for the staff.

Once it was identified that the old software wasn’t making the grade, Duffett decided to slow down and take stock and that's when he decided to try simPRO. Implementing simPRO is the ideal time to review current business processes, and the dedicated simPRO Implementation Consultant helped Duffett to do just that, realigning the business’ trajectory toward sustainable growth.

Stock control and managing staff in the field had been among their biggest challenges.

“We’ve had to go small to grow big again – but this time using the right software and the right procedures.” Lee Duffett, Duffett Electrical Services.

Only recently has Lee removed himself from the tools to work full-time in the office.

“We can see where the engineers are, we know what materials they’ve bought and where the materials are. The same can be said for plant, assets, generally everything.”

The challenge of growth has been removed. They now know where their engineers are, what materials have been purchased and where those materials are. Generally everything is now managed and traceable.

Square Payments

In the future Lee wants to improve their cash flow by using Square Payments. Square Payments enables field engineers to take payments in the field as soon as the job is complete. You can’t get paid much faster than that!

Shifting priorities

Now that the business’ procedures are settling into place, Lee doesn’t have to worry about the business so much when he’s not in the office.

So what does he want to do with his new found time away from the office? Spend more time with his daughter, of course.

“I want to live a normal life, like everyone else.”

Lee elaborates on his Journey in the following video.